The Upside Down Mac

One of the benefits of having an all-in-one computer is how easily it can be tucked into spaces without an excess of cords and clutter. Today's kitchen workspace demonstrates that quite effectively.

Lifehacker reader Kurt emailed in a fantastic little kitchen setup. Kurt had an iMac G5 on hand, and a great idea for turning a desk in his kitchen into a workspace. The design is extremely simple thanks to the all-in-one design of the iMac. He drilled a hole in the stand, a hole in the bottom of one of his cabinets, and then he mated the two together with a sturdy bolt. The only hardware tweaking necessary was a wood shim between the base and the cabinet to make it completely wobble-free and trip into his system settings to rotate the screen orientation.

Currently the only visible cords are for the mouse and the keyboard, but he notes that he's placed an order for a wireless mouse and keyboard to make the workspace completely wireless. Great work Kurt!


    The real winners here are the cambells soup pen'n'pencil holders.

    >trip into his system settings to rotate the screen orientation.
    The photo clearly shows the mac is still the right way up - the screen has not been rotated.
    I'd guess the stand has been removed and reattached upside down.

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