The Suspended Laptop

The Suspended Laptop

How can you free up space on your desk and still put your laptop screen at eye level? Float it in the air.

There are some very well-designed laptop stands out there with space beneath them for tucking a keyboard and such, but nothing can beat having your desk completely wide open without any obstacles. Lifehacker reader iThinkergoiMac took advantage of his desk being tucked under his loft bed—sans a loft bed you’ll have to modify accordingly—and suspended his laptop by steel wires.

I used a paper tray from Wal*Mart, then flipped it upside down. The rubber feet on the tray keep the computer from going anywhere and also lift the computer up off the tray itself. Since the tray is a wire mesh, the computer has the most ventilation it could possibly have. The steel wire I got fit through the holes in the mesh, so I just threaded it through. It’s a tight fit, so when there’s weight on it, the tray won’t slide around. Also, the wire is stiff enough that if I bump the computer it won’t swing for very long.

The end product is a laptop out of the way, well ventilated, kept at eye level and all for around $US22 and a little bit of labour. For more information about the rest of his setup and some close ups of the hardware and connection points he used for his floating laptop stand, check out the link below.

The Suspended Laptop [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]

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