The Super Mario Desktop

The Super Mario Desktop

It was only a matter of time before somebody used the classic Super Mario game as the basis for a system customisation—like reader Ghostspirit’s fun, retro Mario desktop.

The desktop is very simple and doesn’t take a lot of resources—consisting of nothing more than a number of GeekTool scripts to put system information on the desktop. The full list includes:

  • Airport & Ethernet status script.
  • Date & Time script.
  • Memory & Trash folder usage.
  • Wallpaper from 4scrape, original author unknown.
  • The fonts are Emulogic and Mario & Luigi.

The result is a fun, attractive desktop with a great retro feel, and you can hit the link to get all of the scripts used to create the effects. Great job, Ghostspirit!

Super Mario Desktop [Flickr]

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