The Full-Screen Firefox Cloud Desktop

Reader cain novocain took the experimental Firefox Desktop extension and made it his real desktop, an interesting idea for those that spend all their time in the cloud.

The desktop, explained in his own words:

Using Lifehacker featured Firefox extension Desktop as my REAL desktop at the moment. It really made me think again about the Cloud operating system we've heard so much about. A peaceful middle ground would be great. Its wonderful! The second thumbnail from the bottom right is the CTA Bus Tracker that allows me to track mass transit in Chicago, specificly, my bus, just by hitting the refresh button.

I also altered the Pidgin.exe and .dll files to use the eclipse_2 PNG Chat icon instead of the ugly Pidgin available icon for the taskbar (Done with IcoFX)

Also using Start Killer, StandaloneStack, Powermenu (for light transparency) and Dropbox.

The result might not be for everybody, but it's an interesting idea and a great way to bridge the gap between a desktop machine and all your web-based applications. Great job, cain novocain!

Full-Screen Firefox Desktop [Flickr]


    Remember that Pro Hart commercial?
    "Oh Mr Hart... what a mess!!"

    Yeah that's what I think of that screenshot..
    why on earth would you do that? If you really must have all those things open why not in tabs so that...

    a) they have a larger viewable area.
    b) the focus can be on the point of interest
    c) a simple minimize of the browser takes away the headache inducing distraction.

    Not to be rude but if you put this much effort on your desktop then you should really eliminate the "bus" window. You better be walking from now on so that you can combat that deep vein thrombosis you have developed!

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