The Colorful Conky Desktop

The Colorful Conky Desktop

Reader Sean’s desktop proves that Linux can be bright, colourful and geeky all at the same time—there’s no reason to be stuck with brown.

The desktop is a combination of:

  • Running Ubuntu 9.04 with Avant window navigator, Compiz, and Conky.
  • Custom dock icons based off of ecqlipse2.png, I coloured them and added drop shadows.
  • Wallpaper: Area04 (slightly modified, got rid of text and made it widescreen)
  • System Icons: Smokikon v0.9
  • Now for the Conky configurations:
    I’m running five separate instances of Conky to achieve this desktop. The to-do list merely displays a text file, but I wrote a shell script to easily add and remove tasks from the file. Events is pulling data from Google Calendar. Everything else is pretty self explanatory.

Hit the link for the full explanation and a link to download all of the Conky configuration files used to generate this theme. Great job, Sean!

Conky Galore [Flickr]

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