The Blue Screen Of Death Survival Guide Decodes Your System Crash

Getting a Blue Screen of Death is never a good time, but the infamous error screen is actually trying to help—seriously! This handy guide can make some sense of what's killing your computer's stability.

PC enthusiast site Maximum PC put together a guide covering how to read the crash screens and logs. When you know what's wrong, the guide also leads you through common causes, troubleshooting those common causes, and, for the final layer, diving into the Microsoft knowledge base to get fine-grained on those BSOD annoyances. If you've been wrestling with a Blue Screen of Death lately, check out the guide and see if you can find a solution before throwing in the towel and rebuilding your system.

Blue Screen of Death Survival Guide [Maximum PC]


    I just got BSOD on my media PC which hooked up to my LCD. It happened while i watching a bluray disk. First time i have had BSOD on that computer, its running vista. After the BSOD is restarted itself, got the the HP load up page and then froze so i turn it off and left it unplugged for a bit. Now (a few hours later) it wont let me turn the computer back on. i press the on button and the fans start up and the dvdrom makes the usual start up noises but the laser mouse doesnt turn on and the computer doesnt register with the monitor and the computer just sits idle. any ideas guys?

    Got the BSOD on Windows XP Home Edition. The last two numbers at the end of all those zeros is 24 ( I think. ) My laptop is currently down because of this. My desktop keeps crashing and the BSOD pops up. Any suggestions? I don't want to spend money at a computer repair store if I can fix it myself.

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