The Bing Features Australia Won’t Be Getting

The Bing Features Australia Won’t Be Getting
bingsampleMicrosoft’s uber-hyped new search engine Bing doesn’t go live down under until June 3, but we already know that many of the features being promoted won’t be available at launch in Australia, if ever.

We’re going to hold off on commenting in detail on Bing until there’s an actual product to test, but in its launch announcement Microsoft and NineMSN have already made it clear that several of its most-hyped aspects won’t feature in the Australian version when it first rolls out:

Over the next 12 months, additional localised features for Bing will be released into the Australian market. These features include Hot Spots, Categorised Search and Vertical Search Categories covering local, travel, health and shopping.

There’s no mention whatsoever of the Bing Cashback program for Aussies, so it seems safe to assume no money will be dribbling in that direction any time soon either.

Thrilled by the thought of Bing? Think it won’t mean a thing? Share your thoughts in the comments.


  • Looks like its got some skills, if it’s hard to use or if the features are hidden it will fail. At least some of what it seems to offer can be pulled out of google, and much of its power is very commercially oriented, so I’m feeling that when I actually want to search Google will be it.

  • Has anyone tried Google chrome ? I did and its just confusing. Very good time for Bing to come out sounds a bit like the Pepsi launch against CocaCola ?

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