Tech Job Falls Mean Tech Support Sucks

helpkeyThe ongoing decline in tech isn't just bad news for geeks looking for steady employment — it also means you're going to wait longer than ever when you have to make a phone call to get a problem fixed.

Jennifer Foreshew at AustralianIT reports that the Olivier Job Index has seen IT job advertisements fall by 56% in the past year. That's not good news for anyone looking to make a career in IT, but the biggest drop comes right at the bottom of the ladder:

The biggest fall by technology job category last month was in desktop support and helpdesk roles, which plunged 25 per cent.

Companies love redirecting support to cheaper channels like online forums, but sometimes there's just nothing to beat actually interacting with a real live person. Lifehacker readers already often act as informal tech support for friends and colleagues; if this trend continues, you'll be doing a lot more of that.

Technology job ads down 56pc in a year [AustralianIT]


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