SUNA Traffic Tracking Expands To Gold Coast

SUNA Traffic Tracking Expands To Gold Coast
sunalogoTraffic information service SUNA, which already covers Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, this week extended itself to the Gold Coast, a development which can be seen as either timely or unfortunate given this week’s weather conditions.

To take advantage of the service, you’ll need a SUNA-equipped GPS, but if that’s in place there are no other costs involved. Perth, Adelaide and Canberra will all see the service before year’s end, according to developer Telematics.

As we’ve noted before, information on traffic snarls can make a GPS more useful in your home town than it might otherwise be, though cautious drivers will want to take advantage of alternative options like car radio traffic reports or recently discussed TrafficHawk (though that latter option is only good for Sydney).



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