SugarSync Offers 2GB Of Free Windows/Mac/Mobile Syncing

Windows/Mac/mobile: SugarSync, a previously paid-only syncing service, now offers a free 2GB plan that keeps documents synced across Windows, Mac, and mobile platforms.

If you're familiar with Dropbox, our readers' favourite file syncing tool, you're going to think SugarSync's offerings are pretty familiar—2GB of free space, multi-system, cross-platform syncing, file explorer integration, web access with sharing and photo gallery powers, etc. There are, however, a few key differences, positive and negative, that set SugarSync apart:

  • SugarSync lets you add folders anywhere on your system to be synchronised, while Dropbox sticks to a single-bin-for-everything mindset (hence the name, right?)
  • SugarSync's free accounts limit you to syncing two computers, while Dropbox seems unlimited.
  • SugarSync has working clients for iPhones, BlackBerries, and Windows Mobile phones—some of which we've heard is on the way for Dropbox, but not released yet.

Other than that, SugarSync seems like a pretty nifty way to keep files synchronised across systems, especially if you're a frequent mobile net user. The free plan software is free to download; better transfer speeds and more options start at $US4.99 per month. SugarSync [via Web Worker Daily]


    WARNING DO NOT USE SUGARSYNC! SUGARSYNC lost all of my data and could not retrieve it from their own server. This company is a joke, they held my company hostage for 2 weeks trying to find my files that Sugarsync some how deleted from my desktop! Their horribly inept techs could not figure out where my data went so they just decided not to call me back. I finally got in touch with Debbie, Sr. Director, SugarSync Customer Care and she tried to make me feel stupid and that the whole thing was my fault. Sugarsync does not care about small businesses and their customer service is horrible.

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