ShowRSS Automates Your TV Show Downloads

ShowRSS Automates Your TV Show Downloads

If you’re missing the now defunct FeedMyTorrents and its awesome duplicate-free RSS based automation, showRSS offers the same functionality and integration with RSS-enabled BitTorrent clients.

Founded by a refugee from FeedMyTorrents, showRSS has shielded itself from the same fate by setting up camp in Spain where torrents have been ruled legal. The site collects torrents from a variety of sources and weeds out the duplicates. You pick from shows you want to keep an eye on and showRSS adds them to your personal RSS feed. From there you can load the feed into a feed reader and manually select links to shows as they appear or you can plug it into a BitTorrent client with RSS support like µTorrent to automate the process.

ShowRSS [via TorrentFreak]


  • I’m not sure why no one has been talking about this but I just discovered YOU CAN USE RSS FEEDS RIGHT FROM MININOVA.ORG AND THEY WORK IN MIRO! I assume other players would work exactly the same.

    This is great news now that TVRSS is down. ShowRSS was not getting all my shows either.

    Just go to and do a search for the show you want. You’ll see an orange RSS feed button. You can copy the url from the button and paste it right into a Miro (Sidebar -> Add Feed). THe only hard part is you’ll want to narrow down the search first at Mininova, so you don’t get all sorts of crap. For example, eztv seems to be a big distributor, so you could try searching “true blood eztv” and you see a nice list gets narrowed down. If you only want the smaller files and not the 720p ones, you can refine it further with “true blood eztv -720p”. Now just right click the rss button and copy the url. Add a new feed to miro with this url, and you’re set! Sometimes you have to play around a bit in mininova to get a clean search for just the shows you want. Looking in the right column can help to see which shows have lots of seeds. Eztv is a good one to try by default but won’t be for every show.

    Hope it helps someone.

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