Reduce Or Eliminate Eggs With These Egg Substitutes

Whether you've run out of eggs or you're baking for someone who can't eat them, these egg substitutes will lets you use the recipe with little hassle. Photo by woodleywonderworks.

At the tips and tricks blog TipNut, they've assembled an enormous list of foods or combinations there of that can be combined to form egg substitutes. There are many recipes where actual egg taste isn't necessary, with the egg merely serving to introduce protein or fat into the recipe to help some part of the baking process along. The list has entries that range from complete substitution to methods of creating reduced-cholesterol, egg-based mixtures. Whether you're taking eggs out of your diet all together or just making your next cake a little healthier, check out the list for some handy tricks. If you use a method not listed, make sure to share it in the comments below. Egg Substitutes: Handy Recipe List [Tip Nut]


    @ paintbox and mahumphrey - whilst I agree, it does seem a bit daft to have a whole phrase to describe your eating habits, I actually like the fact that Ravi K. Udeshi has bothered to *accurately* describe his eating - people who just say "I'm vegetarian", and then qualify it with "but I eat fish/chicken" (especially the chicken) really irritate me.

    Personally I think that the word "vegetarian" should mean an ovo-lacto-vegetarian, i.e. one who eats vegetables, and only animal products that do not directly require an animal's death (eggs, milk), but unfortunately there are too many fish eating vegetarians out there, meaning a bit more explanation is needed to be accurate, and that accuracy is perfectly valid in this thread, given that it's talking about egg eating.

    To describe my own eating habits could probably take up pages, but in short I'm an omnivore who cares about the living conditions of the animals she eats, and so buys free range where possible (although true free range, just as true organic, is hard to find, given the industrialisation of our food supplies). I'm also getting more concerned about eating sustainable produce, preferably stuff I've grown myself (super-fresh!) - I've been reading The Omnivore's Dilemma, and I don't want to be a corn&petrol person.

    I think the term to use is Pescetarian.

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