Protect Your Shave Stick With A Film Canister

Protect Your Shave Stick With A Film Canister
shavestickShave sticks are a great way to reduce the size of your luggage, and packing one in an old film canister makes them even more useful.

I sang the praises of the Mennen Shave Stick in our earlier discussion of travel washbags. Its one disadvantage is that (as the picture shows) it can get a bit grotty. I’ve been storing mine in a small plastic resealable bag, but reader Graeme offered up a great alternative in the comments that’s worth reproducing here:

Another good secret for the Mennens Shave Stick is that you can cut it in half and they fit perfectly inside an old film canister that photo shops still give away for free. Half a stick is enough to take away with you for most trips. The canister keeps it clean and with little mess. If camping or in a water restricted area, you only have to add a few drops into the canister for the foaming to work.

Definitely an idea I’ll be following up in future. Thanks Graeme!


  • If you cut out a small hole in the bottom – big enough for your finger – and slip a 20c coin into the base of the canister before you put the shave stick in, you can make it pop up to use. This stops frustration when a wet stick has stuck to the sides of the can. Only works with the black cans – not the clear fuji type. – old army trick.

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