Pirate Windows 7 RC Used To Build Botnet

Pirate Windows 7 RC Used To Build Botnet

If you were too impatient to wait for the official release of Windows 7 RC and grabbed an early unauthorised copy via BitTorrent, there’s a nasty sting in the tale: your PC might well be part of a botnet.

The Genuine Windows Blog points to two recent examples of messed-up fake Windows 7 candidates: one simply a trojan masquerading as the download, the other part of a torrented download of Windows 7 RC which has now apparently been activated to create a 25,000-machine botnet. Now, I’d be the last to argue that Microsoft’s piracy protection schemes are anything but always painful and often messily implemented, but even that’s better than becoming a patsy for some idiot Viagra seller or identity thief.


  • I don’t know why people are not downloading it directly from the MS site? I was at a BBQ the other day and some guy said he found Win7 RC1 on a torrent site and downloaded it.

  • A few reasons why you might torrent rather than download from the Microsoft site:
    1) Large downloads often time out part way through the download, and if you’re not using a download manager, you can’t resume.
    2) For a few days, after the releases of both Build 7000 and RC1, the MS website went down a number of times due to server overloading, and when it wasn’t down, people were reporting VERY slow speeds (read: 5 or so kb/s). Meanwhile some torrents had something like 1000+ seeders and basically no speed limits
    3) It’s very easy to schedule a torrent to only download in off-peak, instead of using a download manager that you’ll have to turn off most of the time anyway.

    Is there anywhere that shows the MD5 checksum for the official .iso releases (both 32-bit and 64-bit)? As well as an easy way to check said MD5?

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