Organise More Efficiently By Staying Put

Organise More Efficiently By Staying Put

Apartment Therapy blogger and professional organiser Kyle Freeman has done his share of decluttering, and in all his experience, he’s learned one thing is vital to an efficient organisation session.

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The key: Don’t leave the room you’re trying to organise.

When you’re in the sorting process (the crucial first step) of organising a specific room, STAY in the room for the organising session. (Prepare for the session by having trash bags on hand for trash, recycling, donations.) Invariably you’ll find objects that actually do have a home in another room or on another floor. Most of our clients, if left to their own devices, are inclined to leave the room immediately every time they come across an object like this to return it to its home. And in the process, it’s REALLY easy to get distracted and to not return to organising.

Freeman suggests setting up a few boxes designated for different rooms in your house (like a “goes in bedroom” box) and adding items to their appropriate boxes as you organize. When you’ve finished with the room, then you can grab the boxes and put those items where they belong. By staying in the room rather than leaving every time you find an out-of-place item, you’re not only reducing your chances of distraction—you’re also “sav[ing]time because you’re not making multiple trips to the same destination.” Sounds like smart (if basic) advice to us.

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