Nokia Offers Free Trial Of Messaging On Older Phones

nokiae75Nokia's new push email service, Nokia Messaging, is largely designed to work on newer phones and with specific carrier plans — but until July older E-series phone owners can test it free of charge.

Nokia launched the Messaging service — which can handle up to 10 separate email addresses — today, and outlined plans to make it available with specific carrier plans (in a similar fashion to current BlackBerry offerings). It will also be included with the new $979 E75 handset, which is being launched through all the major local providers (Telstra, 3, Vodafone and Optus/Virgin).

However, as the service is still in beta, owners of some earlier E-series and N-series phones can sign up to trial it via the site linked below. You'll still be liable for any data charges, but the service itself won't attract a fee until the beta finishes sometime around July. If you give it a whirl, let us know how it goes in the comments.

Nokia Messaging


    nokia rep showed it off today. seems very funtional and easy to use. can't wai to stick it on my 5800 to test.

    been using it on my N95 8GB for about a few weeks now since it got mentioned on AllAboutSymbian.
    Absolutely love it. It has pretty much replaced both the normail mail client and emoze. Try it. It's worth it.

    How much data does this app use? I'd be interested in trying it on my E71, but not if it's going to chew right through my data plan!

      it feels like it uses less, becasue it downloads arts of long messages fist, and the rest only when you read them. But then I've never actually checked, and never really worried about it because I don't usually reach the end of my traffic anyway.

    it is good but it should be free...

    Leave the messaging to experts, blackberry all the way

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