Name And Shame Food List Highlights Unhygenic Restaurants

catfood Trying out new restaurants is part of the fun of eating out, but how can you be sure that the venue adheres strictly to food hygiene laws? If you live in NSW, the answer is easy: you can search an online 'name and shame' register of restaurants served with penalties for health violations.

The NSW Food Authority maintains a list of restaurants which have received penalty notices, searchable by name, postcode or suburb. You can also browse a list of restaurants recently added to the register and put yourself off dinner altogether by reading about why they got a penalty notice. While you'd hope that any business thus busted would clean up its act, let's be honest: you're probably still going to choose to go to another restaurant nearby. If you know of a similar resource for other states, share it in the comments.

NSW Food Authority Register Of Penalty Notices


    Woah glad I dont have to eat much in St Marys....

    For WA readers visit then click Food and
    Publication of names of offenders. Direct link is but I can't guarantee it keeps working.

    I eat out regularly so having seen this list, I'll be thinking twice before I go to a place that's been listed on this site. Shame on the venues that have racked up multiple fines!

    Is there a list for Queensland?

      The QLD list is at:

    Would love to see a similar site for Melbourne!

    "Fail to take all practicable measures to eradicate and prevent the harbourage of pests on the food premises" -- Only $660 fine?!?!?

    Haha, what a joke! Am I the only one who thinks the fines should be multiple time what they are currently at?

    The max fine for putting your feet on the seat of a train is $550! Surely allowing rats near food that is sold on to 1000's of ppl is a much bigger offence?

    Does anyone know how to report a restaurant who is serving pork fat as chicken in Brisbane? Who do I report this to? The restaurant in question is Salsa at Chermside Shopping Centre.

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