Name And Shame Food List Highlights Unhygenic Restaurants

Name And Shame Food List Highlights Unhygenic Restaurants
Trying out new restaurants is part of the fun of eating out, but how can you be sure that the venue adheres strictly to food hygiene laws? If you live in NSW, the answer is easy: you can search an online ‘name and shame’ register of restaurants served with penalties for health violations.

The NSW Food Authority maintains a list of restaurants which have received penalty notices, searchable by name, postcode or suburb. You can also browse a list of restaurants recently added to the register and put yourself off dinner altogether by reading about why they got a penalty notice. While you’d hope that any business thus busted would clean up its act, let’s be honest: you’re probably still going to choose to go to another restaurant nearby. If you know of a similar resource for other states, share it in the comments.

NSW Food Authority Register Of Penalty Notices


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