My Phone Syncing Service In Free Beta For Windows Mobile

My Phone Syncing Service In Free Beta For Windows Mobile

My Phone, Microsoft’s over-the-air backup and synchronisation service for Windows Mobile devices, has opened up to anyone running Windows Mobile 6 or higher, offering 200MB of free cloud storage space.

As Jason at Gizmodo explained, My Phone isn’t by any means a push-style backup service. It can run only once a day when set to automatic, or manually synchronised when you remember to do so. Then again, the types of things it’s synchronising—contacts, appointments, phone camera pictures, tasks and whatever you’ve got in My Documents/Pictures/Music—aren’t the types of things for which you’ll always need up-to-the-minute versions.

You can get to your synced phone data through a password-protected web site, and you can synchronise more than one WinMo device to your My Phone account, which could help for those with multiple devices who sometimes don’t have access to them all. But that’s just about it, at least at this point. Still, 200MB of free online syncing isn’t a bad security blanket for your phone.

My Phone is free to use (while in beta), requires a sign-up and Windows Mobile 6 or later. My Phone [via Gizmodo]

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