Move Your iTunes Library To An External Hard Drive


If your hard drive is filled to the brim now that more and more of your music and movies have hit the digital realm, it may be time to move that iTunes library to an external drive.CNET has just published a great video step-by-step for moving an iTunes library to an external drive —so if you get more out of a video demo, the embedded video may be for you (once you make it through the front-end commercial, that is).

How to move an iTunes library to an external drive [CNET]


  • I have one library of itune songs on my computer and a different library of mp3’s on my external hard drive (not via itunes, just a folder of mp3’s not connected with any media player). Can I follow these steps to get my computer library onto the external hardrive & then will itunes be smart enough to see I have all these other mp3’s on the external drive and consolidate them?

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