Motion Detection Is An Effective, Dead Simple Security Camera App

Windows only: Motion Detection is a free application that turns your webcam into a motion-sensing security camera in just a few clicks.

Assuming you've got a webcam hooked up to your computer, all you've got to do is run Motion Detector, set your preferences (Motion Detector can capture still images and/or movies complete with timestamps whenever it detects motion), and hit Start to run your new security webcam. Motion Detector's sensitivity slider lets you determine just how much motion the app needs to detect before it starts capturing images. As you can see in the screenshot, triggering motion is indicated by the red squares.

For its part, the application works very well, it's relatively lightweight, and it's very simple to set up and use. We've always pointed to previously mentioned Yawcam for some quick motion-detection via webcam, and while it offers its own impressive set of tools, including FTP upload, I'd still call Motion Detection easier to use. Either way you go, both are great applications for having a little fun setting up a motion-sensing security webcam.

Motion Detection (scroll to the bottom of the page) [via Shell Extension City]


    Tried the demo version of MotionDetect,loved it.

    Demo version could run 4 instances of it for my 4 webcam science project - unfortunately demo version will only run for an hour maximum.

    Bought the full version of MotionDetect which is slicker and has more options, but will only run one instance

    I'm so annoyed that the demo version and the full version of this program don't match up!

    The software programmer is out with health issues - so no tech support!

    Does any one know a way I can get the full version to run multiple instances?

      Try using Sandboxie to run multiple copies of the applications.

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