Map Motive Mashes All Your Facebook Friends On A Google Map

From the thin files of the Decently Useful Facebook Apps Dept.: MapMotive puts your Facebook friends on a Google Map, making it easy to visit acquaintances while travelling, or just marvel at your social spread.

It's more than just a series of red pins on a worldwide map, though. You can quickly locate friends by name with the "Friend Finder" list, add markers to the map to find the best in-between meet-up spots, and see a thumbnail profile of each friend on the map with their latest status update and other vitals. It could come in handy next time you're in need of a couch to crash on, or help you kill a few minutes exploring the places and faces of your social network. Free to use, just like the map-making site it comes from. Facebook Application [via See Location of all your Facebook Friends on a Google MapDigital Inspiration]


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