Mall Shopper Finds Deals Near Where You Are

Mall Shopper Finds Deals Near Where You Are

You’re out, you’re shopping and you want to find the nearest store with a good sale or a decent lunch. Web and mobile app Mall Shopper aims to provide the answer by providing details of all the current specials in a particular location.

The currently-in-beta Mall Shopper allows you to drill down into particular shopping centres, or browse by different retail categories. There’s also a cleanly designed mobile version for shopping on the go. Currently, Mall Shopper is only operational in the Brisbane CBD, but the developers say they plan to expand to other cities in the future.

Mall Shopper


    • Hi, it looks like your browser isn’t sending a User Agent – should be fine for everyone else. Of course we should handle that case though – thanks for the bug report!

      Paul Logothetis – Mall Shopper.

  • Shouldn’t the site be able to take the visitors post code or which mall he wants to go to and show all the bargains for that mall?

    What about out in the burbs?
    What about the rest of Australia?

    Should be called “Brisbane CBD Mall Shopper”

    • Hi Wobble,
      You are exactly correct. Mall Shopper was designed to be able to provide its services to all of Australia including the suburbs. However, as this is our beta launch we are only limiting its access to Brisbane CBD.

      It is very much our intention to get this service out to your local businesses.

      Very good comment. Thank you.

      Benny Chen – Mall Shopper

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