Living Large In A NYC Shoebox

Living Large In A NYC Shoebox

City living has its perks, but spacious apartments usually aren’t one of them. Today’s featured workspace combines a living area and workspace with an equal dose of technology and well-executed design.

Lifehacker reader Sam Laviit lives in a small but well-appointed apartment where making the most of space is imperative. The screen real estate provided by his setup would make anyone envious, but especially those of us that spend all day in front of the terminal wishing for a screen just a little bit bigger. A computer rig built on the Intel Skulltrail platform with dual quad-core processors is the brains behind his five screen setup: one 56″ HDTV and four 24″ monitors in portrait mode. All four monitors are on fully articulating arms which makes it easy to swing, slide, and adjust them into whatever configuration works best for the project at hand. Throw in the wireless mouse and keyboard and Sam has both a space for work and play that puts most to shame.

Living Large in a NYC Shoebox [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


  • I’ve mounted a 108″ Mirror behind, my two 22″ LCDs on a single twin monitor arm. Some of you are forgetting that when the screen is mounted on the monitor arm, you can just rotate the screen 90degrees as you feel like it. Often my screens have the left one as Landscape and the right as Portrait so I can see the Telly and the Kids in the mirror behind me.

    Also moving the computer into the Lounge room is one of the best things I’ve done as far as Living/Working with the family, because they can see you there seems to be lots less interruptions, and you don’t have to leave the room if someone calls your name just to see where you are.

    In true Lifehacker style I ran a strip of Velcro across the bottom of my wireless keyboard and the other side of the Velcro across the top back edge of one of the Screens – just Velcro the keyboard to the back of the screen for a clean desk!

  • With all of the comments about how expensive all of the screen are, I’m surprised there was not any comments about “image 09”; the 12 Automatic watch winders, each little box slowly tilts left to right to keep his Kinetically wound watches ‘on time’, just one watch on the top row, second in from the right, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Two-Tone 18K Gold and Steel is worth more than all of the Screens and Arms and PCs in the room…

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