Lifehacker’s Guide To Upgrading To Windows 7 RC

Lifehacker’s Guide To Upgrading To Windows 7 RC

Whether you want to set up a dual-boot system, you’re ready to migrate all the way to Windows 7 RC from XP, or something in between, here’s what you need to know.

Dual Boot Windows 7 with XP or Vista

dual boot Windows 7 with XP or Vista

Upgrade from Windows 7 Beta to RC

perform a simple hack

Upgrade from Vista to Windows 7

There’s really nothing to this; Windows 7 provides a direct upgrade path to Windows 7 from Vista, which means that when you install Windows 7, all you need to do is select the Upgrade option when you run the Windows 7 installation. Note: Windows 7 requires that you’ve installed Vista Service Pack 1 in order to upgrade.

Migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7

how to migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7User State Migration ToolLife Rocks 2.0

If you’ve made the early adopter move to Windows 7 and you took a different upgrade route, let’s hear more about how you did it in the comments.


  • As of Sunday, I have upgraded my live vista install to the new windows 7 RC, and to say i am impressed is far from the truth! The upgrade was so easy, i just cliecked a few things and the install did most of it itself. What i am finding, is my OS, as it was on vista, with the look, feel and features of windwos 7. So I recommend this process to anyone who is prepared to do so. If you can, a system state backup is a good thing if you have the drive space however i did not, but did the upgrade anyway, and am happy to say that i am 110% pleased with the result. Everything works just like it did before and the only 2 things i had to uninstall/upgrade was Daemon tools and my virus scanner, which new versions had support for W7 anyway.

    Also, i recommend that anyone who is going to attempt this, run the compatability test pre-upgrade. This will tell you what hardware/software you will need to aquire new version of.

    Good Luck ^_^

  • I just installed it and it seems to be missing some of the flashy stuff. Alt tab is plane jane, and i thought you hover out over the icons on the buttom it displays a preview, dont see settings anywhere to enable it.

    Also just noticed this, when i go to windows media center it says “TV and video may not work as expected because the video card does not meet the minimum memmory requirment of 64 MB…” but my card has 246 onboard, what gives.

  • I installed 7 over vista on one computer and it is running beautifully.
    But in my aattempts to install 7 to a new partition on my xp computer, the process stops at one of the installation reboots. The monitor just shows a message “out of range”. Cannot find a solution online that seems to fit my situation but I get the sense that it might be related to a driver (for Monitor?). There is an option at the start of installation to upload drivers. But what drivers?

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