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flyinghighKick off your Lifehacker Monday by making sure you didn't miss any of the biggest posts from last week:

  • Finding Cheap Airport Transfers From Australian Airports
    There’s something really stupid about paying $80 for a flight and then paying another $80 for a taxi when you land. Lifehacker rounds up the public transport options from Australia’s capital city airports.
  • Six Best Exercise Planning And Tracking Tools Technology and exercise make an excellent pair; you can now track, plan, and graph your workouts more easily than ever. We're here to take a look at six of the most popular tools for the job.
  • Google Chrome 2 Brings New Features And Serious Speed - Google Chrome (Windows) Back in March Google released a faster beta version of Chrome that boasted a 25-35% speed boosts on benchmarking tests, and today those improvements-along with a few new features-are now officially available in the stable release of Chrome.
  • How To Protect Your Privacy On Twitter
    By default, Twitter broadcasts everything to the world, but you can be more selective about who you share with. Learn how to protect your privacy and how to follow other people without needing a Twitter account at all.
  • Break Google's Monopoly On Your Data: Switch To Yahoo Search I've switched my primary web search engine from Google to Yahoo-not because Yahoo's better, but because Google already has enough of my personal information.
  • Nimi Adds Visual Effects And Eye Candy To Windows (Windows) If you've waited out Vista and you're in no hurry to jump into testing Windows 7, Nimi is a fun little program for adding swanky visual effects to Windows XP.
  • Can Contractors Go On The Dole?
    Unemployment levels are generally expected to rise, posing a challenge for full-time staff and contract workers alike. But do contractors have the same options for unemployment benefits in Australia?
  • Projects You Shouldn't Try To DIY If saving money's the only reason you think you can install your own toilet, give it a second thought. In one case, it cost about $US3,000, with a collapsed ceiling and dislodged bumper.
  • Typewriter Forces You To Focus While You Write (Windows/Mac/Linux) Once upon a time, people pounded out their memos and missives on a typewriter. There was no backspace, spell check, or fancy formatting, just forward movement, and muttered obscenities when you screwed up. Typewriter brings some of that ink-stained experience back.
  • First Look At Wolfram Alpha's Impressive (And Fun) Knowledge Computation How many football fields would fit between the Earth and the sun? What's the likelihood of getting 2 heads in 10 coin flips? One search engine calculates all that on the fly and more.
  • Kantaris Remixes VLC Media Player With New Looks And Features (Windows) Kantaris is, at its core, our favourite play-anything media app, VLC. But one programmer has changed the interface, integrated streaming and Apple movie trailers, and given it a generally futuristic feel.
  • Deter Thieves By Uglifying Your Camera A few years ago, blogger Jimmie Rodgers's camera was stolen while volunteering in an impoverished Brazilian community, so he did what any sane person would do: He bought an new camera and made it ugly.
  • Make Your Refrigerator Far More Efficient You've probably heard that keeping your refrigerator and freezer fully stocked is a simple way to keep them running efficiently. But what if you happen to lack for food, or want to optimise even further?
  • EeeRotate Orients Your Laptop Screen For Easy Reading (Windows) With the proliferation of lightweight and wide-screen notebooks, it was only a matter of time before someone realised that they make decent e-book readers when they're sideways. EeeRotate makes swapping orientation easy.
  • The Upside Down Mac One of the benefits of having an all-in-one computer is how easily it can be tucked into spaces without an excess of cords and clutter. Today's kitchen workspace demonstrates that quite effectively.
  • CodySafe Manages Your Thumb Drive's Apps And Data (Windows) If you're a fan of portable thumb drive applications like previously mentioned Suite, free application CodySafe brings similar portable computing to your thumb drive.
  • Take Better Pictures By Treating Your Still Camera Like It's Video People often lament that they "just missed it!" upon seeing they failed to capture a pivotal moment in the action. You can avoid missing the action by treating your still camera like a video camera.
  • Wolfram Alpha Google Adds Computational Answers To Google Results (Firefox) You've heard all about it, you've probably given it a spin, and maybe added it as a search plugin. But wouldn't it be nice if you could get Wolfram Alpha's "computational knowledge" at the same time as Google results? This Firefox extension makes it so.
  • Use Your Old Coffee Grounds To Clean Dishes, Kill Fleas And More Your coffee grounds are good for a lot more than a liquid pick-me up, so before you trash the next batch, read on for ways to reuse them instead. Hint: a flea rinse is involved.
  • Backup Maker Offers Dead Simple Backup Creation (Windows) Backup Maker offers extremely simple wizard-driven backup to a variety of local media and remote hosts.
  • Office 2010 Builds Hit BitTorrent, Feature Windows 7 Taskbar Integration (Windows) Microsoft is due to release a Technical Preview of Office 2010 to trusted partners and lucky registered testers in July, but in what's become a pretty common pattern, BitTorrent-savvy browsers are already seeing leaked builds.
  • Yweather Puts the Weather On Your OS X Desktop (Mac) Reader Daniel used his ubergeeky perl skills combined with GeekTool and created a more powerful way to display the current weather conditions on his desktop.


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