Kludgets Brings OS X-Style Widgets To Windows Desktops

Windows only: The creator of Kludgets, a new open-source widget engine, admits it's not quite pretty, but it "copies the best features" of similar gadgets on OS X, Yahoo, and Google platforms.

So Kludgets—an acronym (backronym?) for Klumsy, Lame, Ugly, Dumb, but Good Enough—is, at the moment, a kind of proof-of-concept on getting widgets based on Webkit, the QT framework, and standard JavaScript, HTML, and other web languages running on your Windows desktop. The basic beta download does just that, with a few install-able sample widgets, and seemingly does it without a lot of system drain or lag.

But the real power of Kludgets comes from the web, where sources like WidgetWorld can provide a wealth of intriguing desktop tools to work with. You'll have to experiment and search a bit to find which widgets are compatible with Kludgets' framework, but the creator calls his creation "Dashboard compatible," so some OS X widgets should be able to be up and running on a Windows system.

Kludgets is a free, beta download for Windows systems only.

Kludgets [via Download Squad]


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