HLO Day 9: Sea? Sick!

boatside My trip from Melbourne to Devonport last night for Hand Luggage Only taught me something very valuable: long-distance boat travel does not agree with me.

This shouldn't have come as a complete shock: my father is infamous for getting hideously ill on ferry crossings, so the genetic odds were a bit stacked against me. And it wasn't a case of waiting for us to hit the open seas: as soon as I got to my cabin, 90 minutes before departure, I started feeling woozy.

Following the advice of an earlier commenter, I immediately went and purchased some seasickness tablets from the on-board shop. This had always been my back-up plan, and the $8.95 price tag didn't seem ridiculously over-inflated under the circumstances. We'd barely left Port Melbourne before I retired for the night, and I stayed largely asleep (and, let's be thankful, vomit-free) until the captain's wake-up call at 0615.

On the upside, I was given a four-berth cabin all to myself and the boat was so well-heated that I actually got all the clothes for the day washed, something I'd figured might be tricky in a confined space. I charged up every gadget in sight as well. And now that I'm back on solid ground (and using some free Wi-Fi courtesy of the local Maccas), the nausea is just a distant memory. But next time I come to Tasmania, it's air travel all the way.

Throughout May 2009, Lifehacker Australia editor Angus Kidman will be travelling throughout Australia with just one carry-on bag for the Hand Luggage Only project.


    on-board ship? Was there some kind of recursive boating going on here?

      D'oh! Fixed now. (Though there are of course recursive boats in the form of life rafts.)

    Angus, I feel your pain. My wife fears flying more than I fear nausea, so on a recent trip to Tassie, we boated it. My God, what a mistake...!

    Apart from the fact that two (thankfully friendly) bikie gangs shared with us, we rocked around like the proverbial cork in an ocean. FWIW, Bunderberg Ginger Beer doesn't cut it as an anti-nausea tool.

    We got the cheap seats in the 'Ocean Recliners' which have a great view until the sun goes down, then you're left among a collection of Australia's best snorers. We watched videos on my laptop most of the way...!

      Yep, I walked the decks nearly all night rather trying to climb back into that damned seat. Slept well the following night though.

    I have a similar photo to the one above! My return from Tassie had some serious weather in the mix, which made things interesting.

    Enjoy Tassie!

    Perhaps a story about crazy places you've charged up your gear would make a good read?

    I was once caught at the airport in Málaga, Spain with an almost flat battery. At 2am I decided to unplug the photo booth in the middle of the deserted concourse to charge the phone. It turns out the light from the booth was all that lit the whole area and after about a minute of charging I got a talking to from the heavy-set guards...! At least I got to send off a couple of SMSs.

    What kind of travel sickness tablets were they? Ginger travel sickness tablets when taken 30 minutes before a trip really helps - and they have no side effects. Just ask my wife - or Mythbusters.

      I tried the ginger tabs when I was on spirit of tasmania.. Epic Fail! :(

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