HLO Day 6: Now It's Going To Get Nasty

applescheduleRoaming around with minimal luggage could never really be described as relaxing, but the whole Hand Luggage Only is about to get a lot less relaxing, as I contemplate five changes of location in as many days.

While I've already ventured to Adelaide and Victor Harbor and back to Sydney, I've only had to stay in two hotels so far, and I've been in each one for three nights. That's enough time to work out what's in the local area, get clothes dried and generally feel settled. As of Thursday, that all changes.

Not only is Thursday itself going to feature manic dashing through two states while visiting Apple Retail Stores, it also kicks off a period of continually residing somewhere different. Thursday night I'm staying with friends in Melbourne. Friday night I'm on the Spirit of Tasmania, hoping I don't suffer from seasickness. Saturday night I'm staying in Devonport. Sunday night sees me ensconced in Canberra, and on Monday night I return to Sydney just in time for the CEBIT technology show. That's three states, one territory, and most every mode of transport (planes, trains, buses, coaches, taxis, trams and boats).

Quite aside from requiring a lot of small talk with hotel receptionists, this is going to be yet another laundry challenge. So far, my in-room washing has worked well (especially since I acquired a plug), but has never been fully dry the next morning.

That's no problem if you're keeping the same room — you just leave it out to air during the day — but a bigger potential issue when you've got to be out by 10am each morning. I've packed a plastic bag so I can put damp clothes in with everything else, but the last thing I need is to smell mouldy, really. This will be less of an issue when I hit northern climes in a couple of weeks, but I can't imagine either Devonport or Canberra will turn on great drying weather. It may indeed be time to start draping my socks on lampshades.

Throughout May 2009, Lifehacker Australia editor Angus Kidman will be travelling throughout Australia with just one carry-on bag for the Hand Luggage Only project.


    dress up warm for Canberra (if you can) - it is starting to get very cold at night nowadays

    Actually, Canberra is currently turning on some stunning sunny Autumn days.

    For the seasickness, please have a plan in place. Either take the pills, or if you want to go the "natural" way, keep your stomach full. It leaves less room for the acids in the stomach to slop around, which is what makes you throw up. Once you have started heaving, it's VERY hard to stop.

    Hey, how about a cruise around Canberra in a motorhome to add to your modes of transport.

    A lot of places have built in hair dryers that can be used to speed dry clothes in a pinch. And if t-shirts etc are slightly damp you can dry them by wearing them.

    wear the wet stuff the next morning and your body heat will dry it. Too bad you are doing this in May though! (do the cheap hotels provide hair dryers?)

    ginger + peppermint stuff always makes me feel a bit less queasy on boats, most of the time i'm alright if i'm not dehydrated though.

    Also, if you want to add more random modes of transport you should get a bicycle taxi in Melbourne, find some excuse to Kayak somewhere in Tasmania and maybe a hot air balloon in Canberra (I'm sure there's plenty spare rising out of a certain house...)

    "Saturday night I’m staying in Devonport."

    If your staying in Devonport, you might want to head up the cost a bit to Penguin, to see the tasmania's largest penguin ;-)

      Tempting, but more than a bit tricky without a car.

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