HLO Day 13: The Bag Is A Celebrity

HLO Day 13: The Bag Is A Celebrity
I’ve been in Sydney this week for CEBIT and associated press events, which means I’ve been running into a lot of my fellow writers. And wherever I go, the first question is nearly always the same: “Where’s the bag?” As far as the Hand Luggage Only project goes, it seems my trusty blue carry-on case is of more interest than anything else.

The pragmatic truth, of course, is that my bag is back in the hotel room; it only gets dragged around on days when I have to check out before heading to the airport. Today, though, is one of those days, as I’m heading north to Coffs Harbour. This is another QantasLink flight, but I’m hoping to avoid my Devonport experience of being forced to check the bag in.

Throughout May 2009, Lifehacker Australia editor Angus Kidman will be travelling throughout Australia with just one carry-on bag for the Hand Luggage Only project.


  • I think that the key word here is ‘Fellow Writers’, Not general reader of the column. You need to be careful about these long running, self-obsessed articles about your issues with travelling. I think that the vast majority of readers don’t actually care. Just give us the new gadget advances that we really tune in for.
    If you think that you have gadget travel advice. Condense it into one article please.

  • Enjoy your stay in Coffs. The weather is lovely at the moment.

    If you are looking for a taxi look for the free phone on the wall near the exit. Last time I arrived home tired etc I walked up to the phone, ordered my taxi, walked past about 20 people, got into my taxi, and listened to the taxi driver call into base to tell about the waiting mob. The poor sods had to wait even though they were out the door before me.

    The story is that Coffs is a small airport and sometimes nobody wants a taxi so the taxis don’t hang around.

  • Not that I’m not enjoying the HLO, but, well, I’d like to hear the bags take on the whole adeventure.
    By the end, It will have passed through areas unseen by most travelers (toss a cam in there next time). And it’s blue!

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