HLO Day 10: Why Your Mobile Phone Alarm Is The Best Bet

failedclock Last night's stay in Devonport reinforced an obvious but important travel principle: setting the alarm on your mobile phone is a much safer choice than using the one in the room.

One reason to do that is that you can be sure the alarm will actually work as you expect. But the main reason is simpler than that: you know (or should know) that it's not going to run out of power.

For no obvious reason, one of the fuses for my room died around midnight last night, rendering the alarm clock inoperable (along with the heater, fridge and TV). I didn't realise until I woke at 2am and glanced at a bedside clock that was no longer glowing brightly. As it happens, I don't have a very early start today anyway, but it made me yet again grateful that my BlackBerry was on wake-up duty.

The other development was my second add-on purchase for the project: a beanie to keep my head warm. (The first was a bathroom sink plug.) Devonport at 8am is a chilly affair, and having planned a lengthy walk to check out the Don River Railway, I figured it was $7.99 well spent and wouldn't take up too much room subsequently. The test will be whether I wear it again during the trip — inevitably, the day got warmer and I abandoned it for the journey back to my hotel. Still, there's always Canberra, my next destination, which generally promises icy evenings.


Throughout May 2009, Lifehacker Australia editor Angus Kidman will be travelling throughout Australia with just one carry-on bag for the Hand Luggage Only project.


    What're your plans for around Tasmania?
    Heading to Hobart at all?

    I went to the Don River Railway on holiday just a few weeks ago. It was pretty ordinary. I didn't get to go on any other railways, I hope they're better than the Devenport one.

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