HLO Apple Store Marathon Stop 1: Sydney

applestoresydney Who needs to be at the flagship Australian Apple Retail Store in Sydney so badly that they're in there as soon as it opens at 0800 hours? Apart from your Hand Luggage Only correspondent, the answer turns out to be: not too many people.

My project for today is to visit every Apple Retail Store in Australia, which covers three locations: the Sydney CBD, Chatswood in Sydney's northern suburbs and Chadstone in Melbourne's south-east. (This weekend sees the fourth official Australian Apple store open on the Gold Coast, but that came too late to get crammed into the schedule.)

Apart from the "because it's there" aspect, the task also offers Lifehacker readers the chance to win one of three $100 iTunes vouchers, one purchased from each store.

Nothing much has changed at the main store since its opening, other than the crowds no longer being there. I had figured there might be a few mooching student types checking their email, or uber-punctual office workers grabbing a quick Mac moment. But the idea doesn't seem to have borne fruit.

Indeed, the staff seem positively grateful for my presence. The orange-shirted dude sends me with the blue-shirted dude to grab the first iTunes card; after that transaction is completed, I get wished a nice day by no less than three staff members on the way out.

Before I could stop him, the blue-shirted dude placed my card into a plastic bag. This seems a tad wasteful, but then Apple's green credentials have always been a bit shaky. I guess I can use it as a back-up location for damp laundry items.


Next stop: Chatswood, where the store doesn't open until 0930. Train ahoy!

Throughout May 2009, Lifehacker Australia editor Angus Kidman will be travelling throughout Australia with just one carry-on bag for the Hand Luggage Only project.


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