Grab VLC 1.0 From The Nightly Builds

If you're tempted to try out VLC as it nears official 1.0 status, your best bet is to work from the nightly builds.

Our post earlier today about VLC 1.0 pointed to a Windows copy on FileHippo, and noted that there was no release candidate on the main VLC site. However, reader Ben points out that nightly builds are available for all the platform versions of VLC. While the nightly builds come with a stern warning that they're unsupported, Ben says he's had no problems in nearly six months of playing around with the build candidates.

VLC Nightlies


    if you have a playlist and the video filesizes vary, vlc still changes the size of the window when you go to the next video

    very disappointing, i was hoping they would have fixed such a simple issue by now.

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