Google Maps Mashup Shows Opposite Points On Globe

earthsandwich It's tough to claim this is productive, but on a Friday afternoon it might be just what you need: a tool that uses Google Maps to show you the exact opposite of any location on the globe, forever answering those childhood "can we dig our way to China?" questions.

The "sandwich" tool on is self-explanatory: just scroll around on one map and the matching point is displayed. Who knew Peru and Vietnam were polar opposites, as it were?

Sandwich Tool


    All of Australia in the Atlantic, I feel so bummed! I was hoping for a shortcut to somewhere nice!

    I think this is interesting..especially today.
    Heard there was an earthquake in NZ...also one
    of my hometown back in Va...wondered if they were
    at or near global opposites.
    Or if one was any relation to the other..
    then while I was reading these stories I hear what i think is a sonic boom in Texas.
    What in the "world" is going on?

    K so earthquakes are caused by the tectonic plates shifting. Nothing to do with being on opposite sides of the earth And "sonic boom" u heard is normally just a jet breaking the sound barrier.

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