Google Chrome Extensions Put Gmail, Other Notifiers In Status Bar

Google Chrome Extensions Put Gmail, Other Notifiers In Status Bar

An early look at a few sample extensions for Google Chrome shows the browser implementing notifications and page awareness in status bar icons. They’re just fancy bookmarklets, but they’re helpful to Gmail and Google Reader users.

To try out one or more of the three sample extensions being shown off at the Chromium developer’s documentation, you’ll have to download the Google Chrome Channel Chooser and switch to the weekly updated “Dev” channel. You’ll also have to add –extensions-enabled at the end of your Google Chrome shortcuts, then head to the page below and click the “Install” links.

The Gmail notifier took a few minutes to update and stop displaying the word “Login” in my own test, but the Google Reader and Chromium Developer notifier worked just fine. There’s far more to come, we’d presume, from Chrome’s extensions, but this is a neat little sneak peek. Sample Extensions [Chromium Developer Documentation‎]


  • I’m interested in making a facebook version of the gmail notifier. I have no idea if it’s even possible. Thus far i’ve managed to get it on the toolbar with the facebook favicon, but i’m not even sure if it’s possible to get an atom feed for facebook (it seems you are able to get a rss2.0 one). Can anyone comment on this?

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