Foxtel Makes Remote Movie Ordering A Tad Easier

Foxtel Makes Remote Movie Ordering A Tad Easier
Foxtel has fixed an annoying but minor gap in its services, making it possible to order movies from its Box Office service even if your iQ or iQ2 box doesn’t have a home phone line connected to it.

A press release from Foxtel today explains the change more neatly than I can rephrase it:

Previously iQ and iQ2 subscribers who did not have a connected return path installed were unable to order FOXTEL Box Office movies. Our technical team have changed the order signal to be sent via the FOXTEL connection rather than the phone landline. This overcomes the issue of ordering a movie without a home phone line and addresses the issue with subscribers who only have a mobile phone connection.

As people increasingly forsake landlines for mobiles and/or naked DSL, this is likely to become a more common scenario. Interestingly, while you can now order online or via phone even without a connected return path, you still need the return path if you want to order using your remote. But it’s a start.


  • WTF does that last sentance mean.. you have to order the movies by phone or on the net if you dont have a line connected? or could you always do that?

    Fuck.. can I rip the phone cord from my IQ box or not?

  • I think the “improvement” here is that previously if I called up Box Office to order a movie, I was denied because I have IQ. End of call.

    For a long time we were relying on a Virgin Wireless phone line, which was shaky at best. Since we cancelled that and run the house with only mobile phones, we’ve had to go without Box Office movies, which has led to a multitude of late fees from the shop.

    Even though I can’t hit a button on the remote to get the movie I want, at least the recorded message won’t hang up on me now 🙂

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