Five Best Exercise Planning And Tracking Tools

Five Best Exercise Planning And Tracking Tools

Computers and exercise make an excellent pair, putting enormous tracking and graphing power right at your finger tips. The following tools make planning and tracking your exercise routines a snap.

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In this Hive Five, we rounded up the top six—six on account of a three-way tie. The following contenders represent the most popular tools among Lifehacker readers for tracking, measuring, and quantifying their exercise endeavours. When the item in question is a physical item, such as the Nike+ running system, the operating system listed corresponds to the supported operating system for the accompanying tracking software.

Gyminee (Web Based, Basic Account: Free/Pro Account: $US45 per year)

RunKeeper (iPhone, Basic: Free/Pro: $US9.99)

MapMyRun (Web Based, Basic Account: Free/Pro Account: $US48 per year )

Garmin Forerunner (Windows/Mac, $US99-$US369)

Nike+ (Windows/Mac, $48)

Nokia Sports Tracker (Nokia Smartphones, Free)

This week’s Hive Five was a close race. Honorable mentions go out to SparksPeople, the fitness and diet community and spreadsheets—because some people like to keep their logging old school. Whether your favourite tool was listed or you can believe it didn’t make the cut, sound off in the comments below to share your exercise tips with fellow readers.


  • My Tracks on the android is a fantastic (and free) app for recording your jogging/walking/biking routes that includes uploading of stats and route to google docs – highly recommended.

  • I do not concur with Ian and Neerav. IMHO, CardioTrainer is tons better because its got voice command, a race against yourself feature, and a facebook app to show off your stats. CT is also free, so no harm in trying it.

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