Faster Extension Puts Google Results In Sidebar

Faster Extension Puts Google Results In Sidebar
Tired of clicking on each Google result after a search and then going back? Firefox extension Faster shifts your search results into the left-hand sidebar so you can quickly sort through multiple pieces of information.

Once installed, the extension adds an extra ‘Faster’ button to Google’s home page. Perform a search and click it (or hit Enter), and Faster works its magic, putting the search results in the left-hand bar and automatically loading the top result in the main window. (You can still access regular Google search by clicking the search button.)

How useful this is depends on what you’re doing. If you’re trying to locate a specific site, the sidebar is a bit of an intrusion, but if you’re aiming to work through a range of results, it can be more appealing then endlessly opening in new tabs or doing the backspace shuffle. One niggle: we found the extension had difficulty rendering some sites (including Lifehacker’s front page). Faster is free, works wherever Firefox does.



  • I have firefox to open new windows in a new tab.
    Then shift-click &/or middle mouse button opens resuls in a new tab.
    So the extension is un-necessary.

    • Bree, can you open the search results in the sidebar now, and NOT in the main window? If not then it is necessary if that’s what you want.

      The sidebar stays while your opening other windows so you don’t have to keep tabbing back and forth. Very useful if you open a lot of new tabs.

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