eBay Australia Cuts Time You Can Lodge A Dispute

From the end of May, eBay Australia is trimming the time you have to complain if goods don't match their description from 60 days to 45 days.

Granted, if you did receive goods that didn't match what you'd seen described online, you probably shouldn't wait two months to make a complaint. Nonetheless, it still seems a less-than-generous move, especially given that you have to wait 10 days to lodge a complaint anyway.


    Does anyone still use eBay?

    The company has got around the 45 days by telling us yes a replacement is on its way over numerous emails, and then yet again said that over numerous emails that a refund will be coming. We have paid for a phone which we don't have. It was my sons 13th birthday present. I think that members of ebay scam purchasers in this respect. It was an Australian address in Perth. I am disgusted that the resolution dispute said that my time was up, when I believe the sellers who kept my goods and my money. How do I explain the a teenage boy that there are alot of crooks out there and no one cares!!

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