Does Your Netbook Need Its Own Accessories?

Does Your Netbook Need Its Own Accessories?
kensingtonLast month, Kensington released a range of “dedicated netbook accessories”, including mice, cases and locks. The gadgets all do what the label says, but the question remains: do netbook peripherals need to be distinguished from those for their regular PC notebook cousins?

Kensington sent me a wired and wireless mouse, a Kensington security lock and a “netbook sleeve” to test out. After giving them a trial run, I was happy enough with all of these items. Arguably the most useful is the $39.95 wireless mouse. Like the previously mentioned Logitech V550, this uses an ultra-compact USB wireless controller, so it takes up minimal space. Unlike the Logitech, it doesn’t clip to your machine, but in a travel-packing context that might well be a preferable approach.

But the fact remains that the sleeve (which is useful, albeit a tad tight-fitting on my HP 2133) is the only accessory that’s truly netbook-specific. All the rest would work just as well with any notebook PC, and I don’t see why they couldn’t be sold as such.

As ever, though, I’m just one grumpy guy with a strange anti-mouse fetish, so I’ll turn it over to the readers. Would you hunt down specific netbook accessories, or are you happy to hook up whatever’s already handy? Share your approach in the comments.

Kensington Netbook Accessories


  • I must be the only guy in the world who prefers (retractable) wired mice, because you can’t use wireless mice mid flight. Having said that that really only works if the seat next to you (and thus the tray) isn’t being used.

    Another irony is that lately in my travels I’ve been using my Wind’s trackpad in the hotel room, and leaving my mouse in the laptop bag.

  • My Asus eeepc came with a simple neoprene sleeve that works. I’m not sure that I see the need for a lock with such a portable device and I’m with Sydney2K in preferring a small retractable mouse for when I have more space to play with.

  • I’m also a (multiple) Eee user and can attest that the locking cable is a must with such a portable device. Left unattended for even a moment in a busy conference room and it can vanish into a bag or even coat pocket.
    That being said I use the same accessories with my netbook and luggable laptop.
    I still rely on a wired mouse for critical operations though. It doesn’t have batteries to go flat in the middle of a show.

  • I have a 9in Eee and have often wanted something better than the standard bag that comes with the device although I was stoked to open the box and see the bag there at all.

    If you go out for an extended period and want to carry the power cable with you there is no where for it to go and even though I use the trackpad alot more often than I ever did on my previous full sized lappie I still want the mouse.

    So I would like a netbook specific bag maybe a messenger bag or something similar that has pockets for the basics.

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