DIY Light Box In A Suitcase

DIY Light Box In A Suitcase

A clever user at DIY site Instructables walks through how to transform an old suitcase into an impressive, portable light box.

The goal was to make a light box for my students to use that didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. Went to the second-hand store and found a florescent light… ($4.99 with 50% off) then noticed a suitcase/briefcase ($3.99 with 50% off). I got them both and started thinking of ways to put them together.

The result: This handy little on-the-go light box.

We’ve covered light boxes, soft boxes, and other DIY photography projects in the past, but the fold-up portability and inexpensive design of this suitcase light box makes it a gem. The author uses the light box for tracing old-school animations, but if you’re more of a digital sort, check out previously mentioned DoInk. Cheap light box [Instructables via Make]

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