Display The Date A Web Page Was Published In Search Results

You're practicing a little Google-fu to figure something out, and the top few results look like they're exactly what you're looking for. The problem: When you get to the page, they're completely outdated.

To make sure you know when a page was published before you visit the site, just add the following to the end of the URL of your search results:


So, for example, the following URL searches Google for "Hackintosh" and displays datestamps on every result:


When you're searching for something and the date is important—you probably don't want to follow an outdated Hackintosh guide, for example—you can quickly identify newer web pages. The operator you add to the end of the URL returns web pages indexed by Google over the past 15 years, but very old items will list as January 31, 2001.

We've already shown you how to filter Google search results by date with this URL trick, but this tip employs the same URL hack specifically to produce the very helpful datestamp side effect, as pointed out by Digital Inspiration.

Find the Date When a Web Page was First Published on the Internet [Digital Inspiration]


    has some genius found a way to make this default?

    I wrote a Greasemonkey script for this. Install it and a dropdown will always appear


    Feedback welcome

      That's a a very nice script and despite the fact it says it works with google.com it also is fine with google.com.au.
      Thanx - really this is one of the major issues I have with Goog's search as half my searches are about how to do something on the 'puter and anything more than 6mths old is often useless.

    Also available through advanced search.

    By changing the "y15" you can also restrict the search results to just websites from yesterday if u wanted (don't remember what values work tho)

    Someone's just done an addon!


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