Digital TV Switchover: We’re Clueless And Sometimes Unhappy

The first quarterly survey designed to track awareness of the impending digital TV switchover shows that most Australians are aware that digital TV is happening, but there’s not much else in the figures to crow about.

There’s a bunch of statistics about Australian reactions to digital television in the report, which will be produced on a quarterly basis to track how well campaigns to promote the eventual total switch-off for the analogue TV system in 2013 are working. The stand-out figures from the first survey are that while 82% of households know that a digital TV switchover is taking place, less than 1% know exactly when that’s happening.

Some of the confusion probably comes from the mixed messages being promoted via self-serving industry groups like Freeview. Nonetheless, there’s clearly a lot of work to do if there’s going to be a really smooth transition.

The other notable figure is that 77% of households which have digital TV are satisfied with it. That might sound high, but it also means that almost a quarter of people who have switched to digital TV haven’t found it beneficial. The main reason for dissatisfaction is reception problems, which rather undermines the digital TV message of clearer pictures.

Digital Tracker Q1 2009

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