DealSucker Aggregates Australian Deals Of The Day

dealsuckerlogo_auCan't keep track of all those "deal of the day" sites offering intriguingly cheap (though often unbranded) gadgets? US site DealSucker has began beta testing an Australian version of its aggregator.

The site is currently in beta testing, and updates every 20 seconds with news of the latest deals from deal of the day vendors — which frankly seems a little aggressive given the relatively small number of local sites. It'd also be nice to have an RSS option. Still, if you're in a general browsing mood, this is a speedy way of checking out current specials.




      And another ...

      Seems to have pretty much the same content as dealsucker .. maybe a few more

    Still reckon is the cleanest daily deal aggregator out there.

    Another deal aggregator site is They offer best daily deals. Check it out!

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