Convert iGoogle Feeds To Google Reader Subscriptions

iGoogle, the Google start page loaded with gadgets and data, is a nice way to get started with RSS feeds. When it's time to upgrade to full-fledged feed reading, iGoogle users have two roads they can go down.

First would be Google Reader's own iGoogle import button, found when a user first visits Google Reader, or by heading directly to the new user welcome page. If you've got RSS-powered gadgets on your iGoogle page that aren't loaded in Reader, you'll see a count of the feeds and a button to add them.

The Google Operating System blog points out, however, that those with a lot of iGoogle content might have a pretty trying wait on their hands, as Reader imports them one by one. So editor Alex wrote up a script for exporting iGoogle feeds to OPML, which gives you a single file you can drop into Reader by heading to the Settings menu, then clicking the "Import/Export" tab there. I've got at least two friends who have asked for help getting started with RSS, and this is definitely going to be a starting point. Import iGoogle Feeds into Google Reader [Google Operating System]


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