Chromium Linux Builds Reach Alpha Stage


If you’re an Ubuntu Linux user looking to try out a form of Google’s Chrome browser, set up the Chromium daily builds repository and install its packages, because the open-source roots of Chrome has hit what its developers are calling an Alpha stage. As with the really rough pre-alpha we saw before, that still means no Flash or other plug-ins, no Google Gears, and a few other rough edges, but it definitely feels snappy when loading straight-up web pages. [via Ars Technica]


  • For a person who uses quite a bit of Google Apps, it’s perfect. Both my company and personal mail services run on Google, so I’ve been pretty happy using Chromium daily builds. Yeah, the lack of Flash can be a drag, but what I noticed is when other alternative browsers (Konqueror, Arora etc) invoke Flash, CPU utilization increases by about 20-30% (both on the 32 and 64 bit variations). I think Adobe is responsible for that. Hence, I’m pretty happy doing most of my general browsing on Chromium and switching to Minefield for Youtube. My only peeve with Chromium right now is the lack of HTTP authentication dialogs ( If you’re affected by it as well, please do vote to have it resolved.

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