Add Local Weather To Your Outlook

internetcalendarReader Rob writes in with a simple tip to add up-to-date weather information to your Outlook calendar using the Weather Underground calendar feed. Rob writes:

For a while now I have been using the wunderground Melbourne weather feed so I can see the weather in my Outlook. I find it very handy: it saves having to check a separate site or constantly running some bloated widget on my netbook. It’s pretty easy to set up, just go to, select your city, then copy the ical link in the top right corner. Then in Outlook go to Tools -> Account Settings -> Internet Calendars -> New then follow the steps. And make sure to set the calendar to overlay to save even more time.

By default, Weather Underground's feed includes temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. To get rid of the second option, change the last section of the feed reading units=both to units=metric. Thanks Rob!


    Your link to seems be be incorrect. I links directly back to this article.

    I take it this is on Outlook 2007 only? I can't see it in 2003 which is a shame because I'd definitely use this.

      To add this to outlook 2003, get a plugin called Remote Calender from sourceforge - - (the download zip file got all and a readme file which tells the install procedure - no reboot necessary).
      Once installed, restart outlook and you can subscribe ics urls (even 2way google calender).

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