Yahoo Mobile Reboots As A Mobile Start Page

Yahoo rolled out a new version of its mobile page, sticking nearly every Yahoo service you could want onto one long vertical scroll—but adding a few intriguing other link-ins, too, like Gmail, Facebook/Twitter updates and others.

It's actually a pretty intriguing experiment in mixing the house brand with the utilities a lot of mobile users are going to want. Gmail users can get an unread message update—although they'd likely be primarily using Gmail Mobile or IMAP on iPhones—and social update addicts can get Facebook, Twitter and other service pings on one screen. Your first visit to the page from an iPhone will prompt you to switch search providers from the Google default, but after that, it's a kinda convenient first-stop aggregator for the mobile web.

If you're an iPhone/iPod touch user who digs Yahoo Mail, Calendar or the big exclamation mark's other services, check out the new iPhone app, which is less open than the mobile page, but a decently compact way to get at all your data. Mobile browsers can check out the new start page by navigating to, or heading to: Yahoo! Mobile for Web [Yahoo]


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