WriteRoom For Google Docs Adds Distraction-Free Writing To Browser

WriteRoom For Google Docs Adds Distraction-Free Writing To Browser

Firefox with Stylish: User style WriteRoom for Google Docs turns your browser into a distraction-free editing tool.

Once installed, the user style hides everything on the screen, sets a darker background colour, increases the size of the text, and sets a maximum width so you can more easily focus on what you are reading. Using the F11 key to put Firefox into full-screen mode completes the effect, leaving you with a completely distraction-free environment. While you can technically install the user style with Greasemonkey, only the Stylish extension allows you to easily toggle the style on or off—which is required in order to use the save button when you are done writing.

WriteRoom for Google Docs is a free download, requires Firefox with the Stylish extension. For more distraction-free editing environments, check out the portable Write Monkey application, or learn how to turn Microsoft Word into a distraction-free editor.

WriteRoom for Google Docs [userstyles.org]


  • Who remembers Wordperfect 5.1, those who do remember probably also remember all of the shortcut keys. So if you knew what you were doing, write was just that writing, and formatting comes later.
    In fact to get on the soap box for a moment; MS Word, for example, almost solely focuses on formatting and neglects semantics and document structure.
    I would assume that most documents created today would be business documents, for which the primary purpose should surely be 1) easy to read, and 2) easy to understand. Taking a hard line approach one could suggest that 12-14pt Times New Roman, double spaced, justified with large left and right margins (for readers notes) and the odd diagram/graph would facilitate this nicely.
    How much does Microsoft Office cost your company in lost productivity from 1) to many interface elements, 2) people with no design experience focusing on formatting and layout, and 3) selecting just he right font colour and background colour?
    How many well structured appealing documents have you seen lately? I would bet the pickings would be slim.

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