Would You Skip The Voice Recognition Option Given The Chance?

Bank Of Queensland is about to start offering its customers the choice of skipping the voice recognition system on its telephone banking and heading straight for the touch-tone menus. Is that a good move?

Mahesh Sharma at Australian IT reports that the bank is going to offer the option of either using voice recognition or touch-tone, depending on user preference. In trials, around 11% of people chose to skip voice recognition.

My own most recent experiences with voice recognition have been with two telcos (Telstra and Vodafone). In both cases, the system was utterly hopeless, and eventually had to put me through to an operator. So I’d have welcomed the option to navigate a touch-tone menu, even if I eventually had to get dropped through to an operator — at least I’d have felt like I was making progress and kept my blood pressure down. (Of course, I’d rather do everything online, but we’re some way from that nirvana.)

How have you found the growing number of voice recognition systems a bonus, or a pain? Share your experiences in the comments.

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