Webslug Rates Your Site’s Loading Time Against Others

Webslug Rates Your Site’s Loading Time Against Others

Testing your own site’s loading time doesn’t need much more than a stopwatch, but if you want to see how your site measures up against rivals, Webslug could be a handy option.
he concept is simple: enter two site URLs, hit the compare button, and Webslug loads each site in turn and measures how long it takes until they’ve finished. Results of tests are archived, which means the figures should become more meaningful over time. For the moment, it’s an interesting rough-and-ready guide to site performance (and a potential Monday morning time sink, I have to say). Thanks Kimble!



  • not so sure this is such an accurate measurement tool. have tried it on a bunch of sites, and think that it measures the site placed in the left hand box first. also, if you’ve recently visited a site it takes the site from the user’s cache rather than from the site server

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